Friday, October 22, 2010

I love the smell of...

I love the smell of...

  • chocolate chip cookies baking
  • Sanrio's plastic wallets
  • s'mores Pop Tarts toasting
  • the clay on the softball field
  • my worn in softball glove
  • cotton candy being spun
  • butter, sugar and flour wafting in your nostrils as you enter a bakery
  • plumeria flowers on a warm Hawaiian night
  • Dr. Pepper Lipsmaker chap-stick
  • the apple-cinnamon Glade Plug-in  every elementary school teacher uses
  • the ocean when I first pull off the freeway at Sea World Drive in San Diego
  • firework smoke on Fourth of July 
  • chimney smoke on the first cold night of winter
  • Douglas Fir Christmas trees
  • waffle cones being made
  • freshly ground coffee
  • sweet spring roses

God you are good. Thank you for the sense of smell.

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