Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Rocker in Me

The rocker in me would love to rock these.

What is Truth?

"In those days y mind was corrupt. I did not know that if it was to share in the truth, it must be illuminated by another light, because the mind itself is not the essence of truth."
- St. Augustine

Monday, June 28, 2010

Etsy's Song of the Day

This is what you think it is, chocolate covered cotton candy! Most definitely not for the faint of sweet tooth.

Say I Do Want It!

Emma Watson, in a music video, need I say more? Not to mention the song by One Night Only, fronted by Emma's new boo, is pretty catchy.


Looking unto Jesus.
-Hebrews xii 2

It is ever the Holy Spirit's work to turn our eyes away from self to Jesus; but Satan's work is just the opposite of this, for he is constantly trying to make us regard ourselves instead of Christ. He insinuates, "Your sins are too great..., you have no faith,... you have such a wavering hold of Jesus." All these are thoughts about self, and we shall never find comfort or assurance by looking within. 

But the Holy Spirit turns our eyes entirely away from self: He tells us that we are nothing, but that "Chirst is all in all." Remember, therefore, it is not thy hold of Christ that saves thee- it is Christ; it is not thy joy in Christ that saves thee- it is Christ; it is not even faith in Christ, though that be the instrument- it is Christ's blood and merits; therefore, look not so much to thy hand with which thou art grasping Christ, as to Christ; look not to thy hope, but to Jesus, the source of thy hope; look not to thy faith, but to Jesus, the author and finisher of thy faith...
-C.H. Spurgeon 

Monday's Memorable Movie Scene

It's Monday, why not have your own Ferris Bueller's Day Off?

Friday, June 25, 2010

Etsy's Song of the Day

For the Carl in your life.

Shed Light on Your Favourite Things

How cool is this lamp by Chen Karlsson? You can create a display of your favourite things in the bottom compartment and the light above will illuminate them along with the rest of your room. Genius.

I Told You So!

I have always been behind Stussy, since my days as a tomboy all the way to the present. My friends would doubt me and tell me I was ridiculous, but check this out! Vans Girls and Stussy has teamed up to create these beautiful oxfords debuting in July. I told you so!


Get thee up into the high mountain.
-Isaiah xl 9 

Our knowledge of Christ is somewhat like climbing one of our Welsh mountains. When you are at the base you see but little: the mountain itself appears to be but one-half as high as it really is... Climb the first rising knoll, and the valley lengthens and widens beneath your feet. Go higher, and you see the country for four or five miles round... Mount still, and the scene enlarges; till at last, when you are on the summit... you see almost all England lying before you... All these things please and delight you, and you say, "I could not have imagined that so much could be seen at this elevation..."

When we first believe in Christ we see but little of Him. The higher we climb the more we discover of His beauties... Get thee up, dear friend, into the high mountain.
-C.H. Spurgeon  

Good Day LA

Happy Friday from the Silver Lake Dog Park. This particular dog is a French Model.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Etsy's Song of the Day

A genuine Whiting and Davis vintage bag, score!

Baby Squirrel

For some reason, I realized today that I had never seen a baby squirrel. So I Googled it... and look how cute they are!

Such Great Heights

How does one achieve such height? My hair feels short now, thanks a lot.


Ephraim is a cake not turned.
-Hosea vii 8

Cake not turned is uncooked on one side; and so Ephraim was, in many respects, untouched by divine grace: though there was some partial obedience, there was very much rebellion left. My soul, I charge thee, see whether this be thy case... To be sanctified, spirit, soul, and body, should be thine aim and prayer... there must not be the appearance of holiness in one place and reigning sin in another, else thou, too, wilt be a cake not turned...

If it be so with me, O Lord, turn me! Turn my unsanctified nature to the fire of Thy love and let it feel the sacred glow, and let my burnt side cool a little while I learn my own weaknesses and want of heat when I am removed from Thy heavenly flame. Let me not be a double-minded man, but one entirely under the powerful influence of reigning grace...
-C.H. Spurgeon

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Etsy's Song of the Day

Jack Daniels and Bacon Carmel Corn? Yum!

Ready For Some Scouting?

The new and improved girl scout.


Why go I mourning?
-Psalm xlii 9

...Canst thou find any reason why thou art so often mourning instead of rejoicing?... Who told thee that night would never end in day?... Knowest thou not that day follows night...? Hope thou then!... For God fail thee not... Mountains, when in the darkness hidden, are as real as in the day, and God's love is as true to thee now as it was in thy brightest moments...

Thy Lord hates the rod as much as thou dost; He only cares... that it works thy lasting good... Thou shalt yet, amidst the splendours of eternity, forget the trials of time, or only remember them to bless the God who led thee through them, and wrought thy lasting good by them. 

Come, sing in the midst of tribulation... Make the wilderness to blossom like a rose...
-C.H. Spurgeon

Monday, June 21, 2010

Etsy's Song of the Day

The crude design of this ring is strangely elegant.


Thou art fairer than the children of men.
-Psalm xlv 2

...Oh, Jesus! Thy power, Thy grace, Thy justice, Thy tenderness, Thy truth, Thy majesty, and Thine immutability make up such a man, or rather such a God-man, as neither heaven nor earth hath seen elsewhere. Thy infancy, Thy eternity, Thy sufferings, Thy triumphs, Thy death, and Thine immortality, are all woven in one gorgeous tapestry, without seam or rent. Thou art music without discord; Thou art many, and yet not divided; Thou art all things, and yet not diverse. As all the colors blend into one resplendent rainbow, so all the glories of heaven and earth meet in Thee, and unite so wondrously, that there is none like Thee in all things... Thou mirror of all perfection...
-C.H. Spurgeon

Monday's Memorable Movie Scene

Happy first day of summer everyone! I hope this Monday marks the first of many memorable days at the pool.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Etsy's Song of the Day

The fashionable way to deal with diminishing eyesight.

Dreaming of Sweets

This dress make me want to eat cotton candy and lemon drops.

Lets Get Personal: Dress Yourself for Work

But you, dress yourself for work; arise, and say to them everything I command you. Do not be dismayed by them, lest I dismay you before them.
-Jeremiah 1:17

As God's prophet, Jeremiah is directed to prepare himself for the labor of speaking God's word to a difficult and unrepentant people. The manner in which Jeremiah is to dress indicates that his work will be difficult and extensive. In addition, we can draw that the audience to which he is to speak will not be an encouragement to him but rather will disappoint him by their lack of concern for God's word. Regardless, God's message needed to be heard. The Lord would not have sent Jeremiah with a message unless him bearing it served the purposes of God.

Lord, in the same way you have called us to prepare for a life of hard work as messengers of your gospel. We will face hardship, we will not always be received warmly and we will most definitely experience discouragement at some point. But you, God, give us the strength to move forward, with the hope of eternity as our fuel; you have a purpose in your message to this world, that people would come to know you and gain salvation through it.

Therefore, I will dress myself in Your armor for this laborious task. Lord, help me not to be dismayed, in fact refresh in me a spirit of joy for your work and a countenance of peace, knowing that you have already secured victory.

Good Day LA

Nuf'' said.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Etsy's Song of the Day

Sail the 7 seas this summer, or at least dream of it, in this beret.

Let's Bring Color

I recognize this video is ad for the "Let's Colour Project" but it just made met think that as Christians, as we live out God's kingdom we bring color to the gray graffiti covered areas. God's kingdom does not merely wash off the vandalism that plague's this world but brings new life and color otherwise unforeseen. It is our job, in the power of the Holy Spirit, to take up our paint brushes and rollers and bring forth the vibrant colors of God's Kingdom until the Master Artist comes to perfect and finish the work of art.


Help, Lord.
-Psalm xii 1

...The Psalmist runs straightforward to his God, with a well-considered prayer; he knows what he is seeking, and where to seek it...

The answer to the prayer is certain, if it be sincerely offered through Jesus. The Lord's character assures us that He will not leave His people; His relationship as Father and Husband guarantee us His aid; His gift of Jesus is a pledge of every good thing; and His sure promise stands, "Fear not, I will help thee."
-C.H. Spurgeon