Thursday, June 24, 2010


Ephraim is a cake not turned.
-Hosea vii 8

Cake not turned is uncooked on one side; and so Ephraim was, in many respects, untouched by divine grace: though there was some partial obedience, there was very much rebellion left. My soul, I charge thee, see whether this be thy case... To be sanctified, spirit, soul, and body, should be thine aim and prayer... there must not be the appearance of holiness in one place and reigning sin in another, else thou, too, wilt be a cake not turned...

If it be so with me, O Lord, turn me! Turn my unsanctified nature to the fire of Thy love and let it feel the sacred glow, and let my burnt side cool a little while I learn my own weaknesses and want of heat when I am removed from Thy heavenly flame. Let me not be a double-minded man, but one entirely under the powerful influence of reigning grace...
-C.H. Spurgeon

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