Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Sunday In the City

This is a new segment I will be starting to encourage exploration, photo taking and celebration of the good things the Sabbath brings. I hope you enjoy. :)

This Sunday we went to Coit Tower.

This is Lillie Hitchcock (who I thought was "Little Hitchcock" which I think sounds was cooler and suits her better). She left money after her death towards beautifying San Francisco, thus they built Coit Tower in 1933. She used to smoke cigars and wear trousers long before it was acceptable for women to do so. She also was an avid gambler and used to disguise herself as a man to gamble in male-only establishments. And last but not least, she supposedly shaved her head so her wigs would fit better. What???  

These are some of the murals that adorn the inside of the building. They are a result of the Public Works of Art Project created by New Deal legislation to create work for artists.

What a view and what beautiful young women. Oh, thats my friend Cheryl and I.

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