Wednesday, April 21, 2010


"I know that my Redeemer liveth."
-Job xix. 25

The marrow of Job's comfort lies in that little word "My"-"My Redeemer," and in the fact that the Redeemer lives... We must get a property in Him before we can enjoy Him... What is gold in the mine to me?... It is gold in my purse which will satisfy my necessities... Rest not content until by faith you can say, "Yes, I cast myself upon my living Lord; and He is mine."...

But there is also another word here, expressive of Job's strong confidence, "I know...." Ifs, buts, and perhapses, are sure murders of peace and comfort... If I have any suspicion that Christ is not mine, then there is vinegar mingled with the gall of death; but if I know that Jesus lives for me, than darkness is not dark: even the night is light about me....
-C.H. Spurgeon  

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