Monday, November 7, 2011

Sunday In The City: The Waidely's Visit

Sunday was great end to a great weekend spent with Josh's mom and dad.

Here they are, John and Faye. We had an outstanding breakfast at Mission Beach Cafe. Hey that kinda rhymed.

Josh was a little irritable since he waited till 10am to have coffee. 

Mission Beach has the best pancakes in the entire world! And I am not exaggerating. They cover them in this amazing bourbon syrup that is to die for.

Josh's meal was by far the prettiest.

Then we made a trip out to the flea market to give them a little taste of our typical Sunday in city.


Welcome to the Land of Misfit Toys...

It's Morhpin' Time!

Almost bought this beautiful piece of art.

Since it was the first weekend of rain in the city, and just in case we get lost at night and needed to navigate by the stars, we decided this awesome umbrella was a must.

My best Blue Steel...

I decided Josh needed some practice with the camera. This is what he came up with. Not bad if I do say so myself.

Since we got out of church late and it was a very cold night we decided soup and grilled cheese was in order.

This grilled cheese was elevated to a whole other level with the inclusion of Tartine bread.

This soup was elevated to a whole other level with the fact that I didn't have to clean another bowl.

Good night Josh and we miss you John and Faye. Till next Sunday then!

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