Thursday, December 1, 2011

Knife & Open Hands

Then Abraham reached out his hands and took the knife to slaughter his son.
-Genesis 22:10

I am fearful that God will steal my joy from me, that He will take what I love most away from me. Like Abraham, I fear I will be called to put to death the things and relationships I treasure most. But there in lies the problem: What I love most and what brings me the most joy should be Christ. The difference between Abraham and I is that he was willing to sacrifice his beloved son because he loved and feared God first and because he knew that Isaac was a gift from God. The things I am fearful God will ask me to put to death are clenched in my straining sweaty little hands as I try and hide from the One who might ask them of me. God does not want to kill our joy, but He does want us to hold all we have with open hands with a proper perspective on who is the giver of those things and the ultimate source of joy, hope and love.

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  1. Gen 22:2 in this story is the first use in the Bible of the word "love". The love of a father for his son. Makes me think of our heavenly Fathers love for His son....makes me think how His love for his Son an for us caused him to actually sacrifice His son, only to get him back and our redemptions complete. Makes me think that you are totally hand and open heart with perspective while difficult is doable with the Lords help.