Thursday, August 26, 2010

Eternity In The Breeze

There's nothing quite as magical 
As the wind blowing through the trees
Today it was a summer breeze
Barley noticeable if you weren't listening for it
But one that whispered nonetheless
Beckoning someone to give ear

And it spoke to me
It was if the breeze that gently shook the leaves to and fro
Also ushered in a slew of memories from youthful days spent in this yard
Yet they are somewhat sweeter than they had been when I lived them first
I saw my friends and I splashing in the pool
Sliding into second
And running after the ice cream man barefoot
I saw my family together
I'm not sure when
It is timeless in my mind
I saw pain as well
Yet it blew in just as sweet as the rest

The apparitions are thick now
I can drink them in
They sustain my wants and desires for the time being
I see now that they are a part of my life eternal
They are sweeter now because as I look back
I see Christ in them

How often I forget to drink in the past
How often I miss a breeze begging to be heard
But for now I sit alone and listen to eternity
That comes with the rustling leaves.


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