Tuesday, August 3, 2010


The Lamb is the light thereof.
-Rev. xxi. 23

Quietly contemplate the Lamb as the light of heaven. Light in scripture is the emblem of joy. The joy of the saints in heaven is comprised in this: Jesus chose us, loved us, bought us, cleansed us, kept us, glorified us... Light is also the cause of beauty. Nought of beauty is left when light is gone... and thus all the beauty of the saints above comes from Jesus. As planets, they reflect the light of the Sun of Righteousness; they live as beams proceeding from the central orb... If He withdrew, they must die...

Light is also the emblem of knowledge. In heaven our knowledge will be perfect, but the Lord Jesus Himself will be the fountain of it... and all that puzzles us now will become plain to us in the Light of the Lamb. Light also means manifestation... God's people are a hidden people, but when Christ receives His people into heaven, He will touch them with the wand of His own love, and change them into the image of His manifested glory... They were stained with sin, but one touch of His finger, and they are bright as the sun... Oh! what a manifestation! All this proceeds from the exalted Lamb. Whatever there may be of effulgent splendour, Jesus shall be the centre and soul of it all...
-C.H. Spurgeon 

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