Sunday, October 2, 2011

Sunday In The City

Today is a day for the record books. Why? Because I slept in till 8:30am! It has been years since my body has allowed me to do that and it felt fabulous!

But since I got a late start on the day, I didn't do too much. But the little I did do was great fun.

This afternoon I meet 3 of my friends for tea at Love Joy's. It was so nice to sip peppermint tea at my leisure while enjoying a scone and conversation with good friends. 

The lighting was sort of horrible, thus the blurry photo, but this pic was to good to pass up.

Being at Love Joy's got me thinking though. How come all tea houses are super girly and cutesy? I mean I like it and all, but why not have a cool tea salon? In America, tea is seen as a feminine drink. But really, tea is the most popular beverage all over the world for both genders. And there are so many kick-a*# coffee shops in the city, why not have a kick-a*# tea shop? Like something super Brit and super punk. I realize that might alienate most of the tea drinkers who go to the overly feminine tea shops, but I think it would resonate with a good portion of the population both male and female, especially in this city. By the way, this idea is now copy-written :)

But the cherry on top of my day, or should I say lime, was this guy.

He was loitering outside the tea shop for about 10 minutes. I honestly have no idea why he was there or why he looked like this, but my thought is Carrot Top is too ashamed to show his face in public now and therefore has taken up a career as a green screen stunt double, because that exists. Look it up.

Well, that's it. Signing off. Till next Sunday then.

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