Sunday, October 9, 2011

Sunday In The City

Oh Sunday, what fun you bring. Especially Sundays during the month of October in San Francisco. There is always so much going on since it's the one month of warm weather we get here.

This morning Josh and I started out with a delicious ham and cheese croissant from Fillmore Bakeshop. The best croissants in the city in my opinion. Which you can read more about on my other blog SweetLadySass.

After breakfast, we drove over to North Beach for the annual Italian Heritage Parade, which is one of my favorite city events in San Francisco. It falls the weekend before Columbus Day usually. But they don't call it the Columbus Day Parade because everyone in San Francisco seems to hates Christopher Columbus. I wonder why?

All the cafes and restaurants set up tables out on the street, reminiscent of the sidewalk seating in Italy. 

There were 40 plus Ferraris parked in Washington Square park because, you know, they are Italian and all.

This 1960's black Ferrari was my favorite. Honestly, everything was so much cooler in the 60's.

We ventured into a catholic church for a while that was open to the public. It was really beautiful inside, but I felt kind of weird just walking through, sort of like I was a tourist in place that was supposed to be used for worship.

Next we stumbled into a hat shop because we could.

Doesn't it look like Josh belongs on the Steamboat ride at Disneyland?

And even after all this fun the parade still hadn't started. So we decided to grab a quick bite at Tony's Napoletana, debated to be the best pizzeria in the city. I had been dying to try it for a while.

We ordered their famous Marghertia pizza.

And I must say, I would agree with all the hype. Best pizza I have had in the city. Absolutely breath taking. Much better than Delfina. 

After lunch, we got a chance to check out the new Fiat up close and personal. Have you seen them? They have been popping up everywhere in SF. I think they are adorable.

Finally, time for the parade to start. Photo opp!

The Italian stereotypes were so over the top but so fun.

This kid was loving it, and so were we. Josh's favorite part was how the parade just kinda happened, without any real organization, rhyme, reason or order. He said it was very Italian. I, being half Italian and very logical, punched him in the arm.

Lastly, we stopped by an estate sale that was packing up for the weekend and got some awesome old books for free.

Till next Sunday then!

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