Monday, September 26, 2011


Pain. No one talks about it, why? Pain is never an infrequent visitor. Yet we go on, I go on, never addressing it's presence. 


I would argue pain shapes more of who we are today than the joys we've experienced. Is that bad? I don't really think so. 

I don't even think the first step is sharing our pain but coming to terms with it ourselves. In fact, sharing one's pain does not necessarily mean that you, I, we have owned it.

I don't want to own it. I want to divorce it quietly. Because I know that in its acceptance I have to accept me. Not what I like to think of me. 

Me can be scary. But in "me's" embrace comes truth flooding in. Truth that is not altered with pain. Truth that only reaches its full beauty and completeness in the acceptance of me, in the acceptance of pain.

Pain; teach me to great you like an old friend.

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