Sunday, September 11, 2011

Sunday In The City

My day started with a cup of my new loose leaf green tea. I love the first day of a new tea, it is so enjoyable.

After church we went home and spent some time with this guy. His name is Diesel and we are dog sitting him. Its fun to have another member of the household for awhile.

We took Diesel on a nice long walk. (Sounds like I'm writing a children's book.)

The view from the top of our hill, well... when it's not foggy at least.

If we were racing, this guy would have totally blown us out of the water.

Just a cool door.

The sun is such a treat in the Outer Richmond.

This made us laugh. Quite a provocative picture for a lost kitty don't you think? I think it belongs in kitty Vegas.

My dream ride.

Dangit Diesel, you blinked.

We got home and Josh made a yummy dinner and now we are watching Gangs of New York with a slice of my Ricotta Cheesecake With Aniseed and Orange. Recipe here on Sweet Lady Sass.

Hope your Sunday was restful, reflective and fun.


  1. alex!!!! i am SO glad i found your blog. now i can stalk you and josh. i miss you terribly and we still need a phone date asap!!!

  2. Yes! How bout Tuesday night? I lost your number along with everyone elses since my phone broke, can you text or email it to me?