Wednesday, May 5, 2010


We dwell in Him.
-1 John iv. 13

You want a house for your soul? Do you ask, "What is the purchase?"... It is without money and without price.  Ah! you would like to pay a respectable rent!... Then you cannot have the house, for it is "without price."...

Will you take Jesus and dwell in Him? See, this house is furnished with all you want... Here you can have intimate communion with Christ and feast on His love,... when weary you can find rest with Jesus; and from it you can look out and see heaven itself. Will you have the house?...

"But," you say, "I am too shabby for such a house." Never mind; there are garments inside... He will wash you and cleanse you, and you will yet be able to sing, "We dwell in Him.".... Thou hast not only a perfect and secure house, but an everlasting one... for it is God Himself-  "We dwell in Him."
-C.H. Spurgeon

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