Wednesday, May 12, 2010


And will manifest to him.
-John xiv 21

The Lord Jesus gives special revelations of Himself to his people... Jesus has been pleased... to speak to their (the saints) souls, and to unfold the wonders of His person; yea, so have their souls been steeped in happiness that they have thought themselves to be in heaven, whereas they were not there, though they were nigh on the threshold of it...

Especial manifestations of Christ exercise a holy influence on the believer's heart. One effect will be humility... for "God hath respect unto the lowly: but the proud He knoweth afar off"... Another effect will be happiness; for in God's presence there are pleasures for evermore. Holiness will be sure to follow. A man who has no holiness has never had this manifestation... 

Thus there will be three effects of nearness to Jesus- humility, happiness, and holiness. May God give them to thee, Christian!
-C.H. Spurgeon 

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